Latest Zine

January 23, 2018

This is not a graphic text. The works are not meant to sensationalize sexual assault or provide a description of titillating violence. That being said, Vive does not shy away from the gritty reality of living with trauma. Nothing is watered down, and several poems deal with vulgarity and profanity in a less-than-gentle way. The last piece is the most straightforward narrative out of the collection, written mostly in spanish, and does describe one of the rapes Vive experienced. This is not a trigger warning, you had that when you read the title of the book. We just want you to know what you’re getting into.

Latest Fiction

November 15, 2017

Mona Oshi is a mysterious woman  who seems to know everything. She prefers to go unnoticed, dangerously unassuming. In 2188 the secret lives of her past surface, threatening to collide with her present  and destroy the life she’s carefully constructed.

Latest Essay

May 27, 2017

Ritual. Something done with purpose, to achieve something. Celebration (birth, harvest, life, seasons, coming-of-age, life transitions). Preparation (war, death, planting, going forth, traveling). Mourning. Magic. Connecting with the ancestors, seeking guidance.

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